Parents Are Leaders in Helping Their Child Choose a Career

Who is helping your child choose a career path? The good news is that there are actually many  people involved in the process, including teachers, guidance counselors, coaches and tutors. The challenge is that they each have their own perspective. The college and career search process has become much more complex over the last couple of decades. What is missing is someone who can see the big picture and provide leadership for all the different deadlines and decisions families face.

Did you know parents are the #1 influence on helping their child choose a career? At Career Vision, we advocate a “parent as leader” philosophy. Does that mean you need to have all the answers? No. It means that you are in a great position to help your child choose a career and college major. Think about a big project — volunteer or work — that you worked on or led. What did you need to do?

As leaders, it is helpful to know the time points at which expert guidance from Career Vision can provide a strategic advantage in helping your child choose a career.

Start Early, Start SMART Career Readiness Program is typically appropriate for high school through sophomore in college students.

Start SMART Career Launch and Early Career Program is typically appropriate for college students approaching graduation and early career adults.decision points high school college