Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.
— John Dewey

Career Management Leads to Job Satisfaction

GoalsCareer Management - Set your goalsThe average person will work over 25 years! Don’t leave it to luck. Not only will your perception of what is important to you change during that time, the requirements and opportunities in different industries will change as well. Sometimes dramatically. Career Management is your responsibility and it gives you more control over how much you enjoy your worklife.

Establishing the habit of an annual career checkup is part of a career management plan that will keep you prepared and satisfied over time. A career checkup allows you to set goals to stay current and prepare for future opportunities — basically, to invest in yourself. If we own a home, we maintain and improve it. We take care of our vehicles. We manage our finances. Work is a 25-year plus commitment and your job satisfaction is worth a few hours in strategy development. Career management is for you.decision points career management (1)

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