About Career Vision


Career Vision Student Enthusiasts!

Career Vision℠ is a personalized service dedicated to helping students and career managers find direction, make the very best decisions, and achieve success and satisfaction in their careers.

Our mission is to help individuals make great career decisions based on each person’s unique potential. We accomplish this by partnering with our clients — applying our expertise in studying individual differences (abilities, interests, personality & values) and how these traits translate into different career possibilities. Years of research demonstrate that self-knowledge, particularly understanding one’s own aptitudes (Ball Aptitude Battery®), provides an objective foundation for people beginning their career plans, or making educational and life decisions.

There are many opportunities to achieve satisfaction and success. Young adults who begin their career planning early have greater direction, confidence and motivation. Career Vision’s highly personalized career consulting services and career literacy programs give families the valuable information and guidance they need to take a critical first step that will work for them for a lifetime.