College Career Planning…So Many Choices and So Little Time!

College Major - So little time to decide

College is a fun and exciting time. College career planning should be too. There is so much to do, so many things to explore, so many people to meet…and so little time!

It’s all too easy to focus our efforts on the here-and-now requirements of getting through school. As a result, we may neglect to line up our coursework with the type of industries we may want to work in. That is understandable because there are so many great courses and opportunities to learn and develop new skills at school. 

Unfortunately, completing the requisite coursework for graduation requires a commitment to a college major. Rather than cobble together courses into your major, some thoughtful effort will let you confidently select a college major that will support future career direction. 

Equally important, students today need at least one internship. Your college major shows your interest in the types of internships you may seek and helps round out your resume. You are not alone – – these are decisions all students face. The key is to address them sooner rather than later.

Typical concerns we hear from college students can be divided into two broad categories:

I’m still unsure of my major

  • I need to declare a college major but don’t feel ready
  • I’m having trouble picking classes
  • I’m confused and am not sure the college major I’ve chosen is the right one
  • I’m not sure what I’m good at or what careers might fit me best

I’m happy and doing well in my major, but…

  • I need to pick internships but am not sure what type of position to look for
  • I’m considering graduate school but am unsure it’s the right choice for me
  • I’m not sure what types of jobs to look for that would use my degree

The Career Vision team are experts in aptitude-based career planning. This positive and upbeat process gives you the information you need to identify a college major that supports your career preferences. It uses an objective aptitude assessment and other personal characteristic surveys to highlight your strengths. A consultant will personally help you understand which career titles and college majors might be an especially good fit for you to explore and consider. This process can be done in our office or while you are at school.

Our Start SMART Career Launch & Early Career Program is typically appropriate for college students approaching graduation and early career adults.